The composer Luciano Berio is the major figure of post-war Italy. With Claudio Abbado and Maurizio Pollini, he showed that contemporary art could burst joyfully into everyday life. From 1950 on, he started to write a series of short pieces, like portraits of the virtuosity linked to each instrument. The fourteen Sequenze which make up this astonishing catalogue will be performed throughout the festival, as the days and concerts go on:

16/03 : Sequenza I pour flûte

23/03 : Sequenza II pour harpe

29/03 : Sequenza III pour voix de femme

31/03 :  Sequenza IV pour piano

01/04 : Sequenza V pour trombone

24/03   : Sequenza VI pour alto

02/04  :  Sequenza VIIb pour saxophone soprano

07/04 : Sequenza VIII pour violon

07/04 : Sequenza IXa pour clarinette

08/04  : Sequenza X pour trompette et piano résonnant

07/04 : Sequenza XI pour guitare

25/03 : Sequenza XII pour basson

06/04 : Sequenza XIII pour accordéon

07/04 : Sequenza XIV pour violoncelle